Heathwest Systems helps companies save time, money and resources. Its HeathSuite of products enables customers to deploy, monitor and manage their application environments from one central console.

HeathSuite gives customers:

Visibility – offering a single pane view of business applications, enabling clients to immediately identify and rectify problems on their systems.

Speed – significantly reducing typical roll-out speeds and eliminating much of the time and effort required to identify problems within an environment.

Productivity – as teams spend less time monitoring environments or managing deployments.

Accuracy – as automated monitoring and deployment means there is less capacity for human error.

Cost savings – greater efficiencies in the use of staff resources ultimately affects the bottom line.


Consultancy service

Heathwest Systems also offers a full consultancy service. By looking closely at our clients environments and existing procedures we help them to streamline processes and improve visibility over their systems, saving them time and money while unlocking the potential of their technology and staff.


Custom development

Heathwest Systems can also offer custom development work for clients on a project basis. We can deliver both server- and client-side projects on Windows as well as iOS and Android app development.