HeathView is a software tool that provides companies with a single pane view of their application environments ensuring that mission critical applications run more efficiently, more of the time.

With HeathView, business critical applications suffer from less downtime. Issues are identified and alerted to the environments team in real time, so there is no time wasted trying to identify the initial problem. Organisations can also significantly reduce the time and effort needed to rectify a problem. Key benefits include:

Full audit trails for systems compliance and accountability. Includes details of the event such as stop/starting environments, service failures and who initiated the action.

Immediate notification of problems within specific applications, making it quicker to rectify them.

Works across multiple environments, including bespoke applications, third party and best of breed.

Ability to manage issues within any of the business applications from the single view. For example, stop/start the whole environment or stop/start individual services.

Access delegation, meaning that the right people have access to the right areas of the system.

Better sharing of knowledge and expertise within teams as specific tasks are dealt with by the appropriate skill set.

Monitor multiple applications via a single pane view.

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HeathView - Monitoring an environment