The HeathSuite can be obtained in two ways. You can either get the full Enterprise Edition or alternatively a series of Starter Packs.

HeathSuite Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition allows you to manage unlimited Applications, have unlimited Clients and up to 50 server Agents. Additional Agents can be bought in expansion packs of 50. This is perfect for large corporations.

HeathSuite Starter Packs

A Starter Pack allows you to manage one Application and have up to 10 concurrent Engine connections, for instance, 6 server Agents + 4 concurrent Clients. Additional starter packs can be bought and the benefits are cumulative, so 2 Starter Packs would allow you to manage 2 Applications and up to 20 concurrent Engine connections. This is ideal for more bespoke organisations or independent technology companies.

FeatureStarter PackEnterprise Edition
Control, monitoring and alerts
Release deployment and rollback
User security and delegation
Full action auditing
Clients10 Concurrent Engine Connections
(Agents + Clients)
Additional AgentsMultiple starter packsExpansion Packs of 50 Agents